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  • Denver Broncos J.D. Walton scheduled for surgery
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Denver Broncos J.D. Walton scheduled for surgery

    We all know how devastating it was when we saw J.D. Walton was injured during our win over the Raiders on September 30th. Now we know it was as bad as it looked. J.D. is scheduled for surgery on his ankle. Ankle surgeries often require a plate and screw set as show in the picture. After his surgery he will need to be in a cast and non weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. After the cast is removed he may want to get a walking boot to limit the movement of his ankle joint, this walking boot can be removed for activities such as showering and sleeping. If there is swelling he may need a compresion sock. He will need a good physical therapy schedule to insure a successful recovery. as anticipated J.D. will be out for the remainder of this years season. We wish him a fast recovery and look forward to seeing him back in action next year!

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