Helping Your Ankle Instability

You need strong, firm ankles to support your weight and help you walk. Unfortunately, when your ankles are unstable, the rest of you is too. When you have ankle instability, you may find yourself sitting on the couch. Our podiatrists can help you get back on your feet.

Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic in Denver, CO, provide a wide range of foot and ankle services, including diagnosis and treatment of ankle instability.

What Is Ankle Instability?

When you have ankle instability, it means your ankle can roll unexpectedly, causing you to fall. It’s a condition caused by weakened ligaments surrounding your ankle bones. If you have strained or sprained your ankle repeatedly, it can stretch the ligaments, causing chronic ankle instability.

In addition to frequent ankle strains and sprains, there are other causes of ankle instability including:

  • Inflammation or arthritis of your ankle joint
  • Fracture of the bones in your ankle joint
  • Scar tissue developing after a sprained ankle
  • Inflammation or tear of a tendon
  • Injury to the nerves passing through your ankle

So, how do you know if you have ankle instability? You may notice:

  • Tenderness or pain around your ankle
  • Swelling around your ankle
  • Your ankle rolling on the outer side
  • Your ankle feels unstable when you walk, especially on uneven surfaces

You should visit your podiatrist for ankle instability. Your podiatrist has several effective ways of treating ankle instability, including:

  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medications to reduce pain and swelling
  • Physical therapy to strengthen your ligaments and restore your range of motion
  • Steroid medications to reduce pain and swelling
  • Ankle braces or casts to support or immobilize your ankle while it heals

Surgery to reconstruct and strengthen your ankle is another treatment usually reserved for severe ankle instability which has not responded to treatment.

Treat Your Ankle Instability

To learn more about the symptoms and treatment of ankle instability, call Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic in Denver, CO. You can reach them in the office by calling (303) 355-1695, so call today.

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