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Welcome to Foot Associates at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic! If you are looking for a podiatrist in Denver, CO, we welcome you to our practice.

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One of the goals of our podiatry site is to provide you an extension of our care. As you navigate through the site you will find a wealth of information about podiatry in Denver, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, Ingrown Toenails exercising and shoes. There is an overview of our practice including our foot doctor and staff, office hours, insurance and appointment procedures, maps, directions and contact information.

As a licensed podiatrist in Denver, CO we believe our patients deserve to have the information needed to make good choices about their foot and ankle care. Our goal is to educate each patient and begin a relevant treatment program with the highest quality of care available. Whatever your foot and ankle trouble, we'll work together to find the answers that will comfort you and bring you relief.

We take pride in providing you with a comfortable experience at our Denver podiatry office. Our qualified staff is friendly and will ensure a pleasant visit. Our main office is conveniently located in Denver, CO. We invite you to e-mail or call our office with any questions via the contact us or request an appointment page of our website.





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  • Dr.
    Florin Costache

    Let me extend a warm welcome to all.  I provide basic foot and ankle care and a range of specialized treatments. My goal is to treat and to prevent recurrence of foot and ankle ailments by addressing the cause of the problem – not just the symptoms.

    My aim is to work with you, the patient, as a team and together improve your ailing foot and ankle function, whether the problem is small or very complicated.  This multi-disciplinary approach will involve other specialists as needed.

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  • Dr.
    Lorry A. Melnick, DPM


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What Our Clients Say About Us

    My first ingrown toenail hurt fir about 2 months before I came to see Dr. Lorry the first time. He and his staff took great care of me.The second time I had an ingrown toenail, I didn't wait a day to see Dr. Lorry! I am a competitive tennis player and my feet are very important to me because they are my "wheels", without my "wheels" I cannot play tennis and this is why I value what Dr. Lorry and his staff has done for me. I will definitely be back for all my podiatric needs!

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    I developed a little plantar wart while training for a triathalon. It was on the ball of my foot and felt like a pebble in my shoe. I first went to the dermatologist and had it burned off. That didn't work so another trip to the dermatologist and I tried triple acid that had to be applied with a cotton ball in the morning and evening-it hurt and still not results! I surfed the net and found Dr. Melnick- after ONE, painless treatment, it was gone and I was running again! Thank you Dr. Melnick, you are the best! I am so grateful!

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    I struggled with a plantar wart for years, enduring several "freezing treatments". One treatment here and it was GONE! Great office, great doctor and great results!


    I had heard terrible things about bunion surgery; the pain, long recovery and limited activity...my pain prior to the surgery was much more significant than it was during recovery! In fact, I made it through without pain pills, only ibuprophen. That was a sign of great doctor and surgeon. My surgery was 12 weeks ago and my foot feels great! I'm back to my aerobic exercises, 3-mile walks and even hiking. I have no regrets, only a great deal of gratitude for Dr. Melnick and his entire team. You are wonderful!

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    I saw the doctor for a strained plantar. I am a marathon runner and my goal was to start my training up again as soon as possible! After a few weeks of ultrasound treatments and orthotics, I am back to running again with NO pain! I have never tried orthotics before and now I am a BELIEVER!! My plan is to run the Boston Marathon next year and because of this place that will be possible! I am so grateful!

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