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Bunion Treatment Options

BunionsBunions not only cause foot pain and discomfort but also embarrassment for patients. It looks like something is growing on the inside of your feet, even though it is actually a bone that’s out of place. This condition can be successfully treated by a podiatrist at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic in Denver, CO.

How and When Bunions Form
Bunions don’t appear on your feet overnight. They form gradually and often cause intense ongoing pain. As they grow, calluses and hammertoes can form, and the toes overlap. If you wear shoes that press your toes together day after day you are more likely to start to develop bunions. If you have a family history of arthritis or joint problems, your feet are at a higher risk for bunions. When they start to form, immediate non-invasive therapy can help fix the misalignment and get the feet back to normal.

Reasons for Urgent Bunion Treatment
Bunions disrupt your daily routine and affect your ability to comfortably wear shoes. Consider these additional reasons why you might want to explore bunion treatment as soon as possible with your Denver podiatrist:

- Bunions can become a debilitating condition without treatment over a long time.
- You can’t fit your shoes anymore because of the intense friction.
- Your bunions are interfering with your ability to participate in normal daily activities.
- Bunions are a possible sign of arthritic problems that you need to discuss with a doctor.

Treatment Options
The course of treatment for bunions depends on how far the condition has progressed. These are some of the possible solutions:

- Splints worn at night while sleeping to realign the bone.
- Proper shoes and orthotic inserts.
- Padding placed between the toes to keep them separate.
- Anti-inflammatory and steroid medications.
- In cases that can’t be treated conservatively, a bunionectomy to remove excess bone and allow for realignment.

Stop Bunions Now
You have options for treating your bunions at any stage -- even if they have been getting progressively worse for a while. Get your feet back to normal by calling (303) 355-1695 today for an appointment with Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick in Denver, CO.

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