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Denver Nugget update/ Ty Lawson injury

     Ty Lawson did play in last nights game against the Spurs, however he did not play as well as expected. Lawson said it felt like he "couldn't move" during his 20 minutes of play time. "I had no lift on my shot, jumping off one foot" Lawson said. It was not hard to tell that Lawson was struggling from his injury, making only one of seven shots for two points two steals and only three assists during his play time. It is no surprise that Ty Lawson said he "probably" wont play in tomorrow nights game against the Net's. " I probably need to take a couple of days off to let it heel all the way" he said. Luckily for him the Nuggets wont play again after Friday until next Wednesday. In the meantime Andre Miller will start for the nuggets in Lawson's place. Miller has been doing great this season with one of the best shot percentages in the league.

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