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Denver Nuggets Rising Star Ty Lawson day to day with sore heel

     As most of us Nuggets fans know, Ty Lawson has been a big part of the Nuggets above average performance this season. Lawson was out on Thursdays game due to a bruised heel. this was a big concern as they were going for their fourteenth straight win. Luckily the Nugget had Corey Brewer, who steped up and lead the way to a very exciting victory in the last few seconds over the 76ers.

     Lawson is not new to heel pain, he was out on the new years game against the Clippers with a sore achilles tendon. The two injuries could very likely be linked together, because you have your plantar fascia witch is a tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot and connects to the calcaneus or heel bone, you also have the achilles tendon that runs along your calf and also connects to the calcaneus. Injuries like this are very common in basketball. With all the running, jumping, and fast breaks its no wonder why this could happen. Lawson is hoping to play on Saturdays game against the Kings, as the Nuggets will be going for their fifteenth straight victory.

     When treating a heel injury like his there are a few different options. The one that we suggest, if he wants to play in Saturday's game, would be a combination of stretching exercises, a custom orthotic made using a gait scanner to relieve pressure and align the foot and ankle, possibly a steroid injection, and therapeutic ultrasound. At the very least they will need to tape and pad his foot before the game to relieve some of the pressure. There are some other treatment options, but with him trying to ready for the next game we feel that this would be the best option for him.

     Remember to check back often as we will be updating our blog as more information is available.


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