Foot Pain Treatments

A study released by the American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that 77 percent of American adults have complained of foot foot painpain. Some cases resolve on their own, but some patients need to be treated by a doctor. Learn about the foot pain treatments that a podiatrist at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic in Denver, CO can offer.

Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Foot Exercises
Repetitive physical actions are often the cause of foot pain. For instance, jumping and landing dozens of times while playing basketball, twisting from side to side while playing tennis, or putting pressure on the toe bones and joints while practicing ballet. Sometimes the solution is just to take a break from those activities and do physical therapy, which may include stretching and targeted exercises. Massage therapy also helps relieve pressure in aching muscles and joints.

Pain Management Solutions
The main concern for most foot patients is the pain they are feeling in their feet, toes, ankles, and heels. So one of the first goals of a foot treatment plan is to alleviate that pain. Your Denver, CO podiatrist may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or administer a corticosteroid injection to aching joints.

Customized Orthotics for Foot Patients
Sometimes the feet just need some additional support to relieve pressure in painful areas. For instance, heel pain may be caused by a fallen arch (flat foot) that needs an arched insert placed into the bottom of the shoe. For bunion pain, an orthotic device or splint will help keep the toe joint better aligned and more stable.

Surgery and Technologically Advanced Foot Treatments
There are cases when only surgery will help ease foot pain. Common foot surgeries include bunionectomy, metatarsal surgery, arthroplasty, and plantar fascia release surgery. Advances in laser technology are helping some patients with their foot pain. For instance, a laser can help with the removal of plantar warts.

Get Help with Foot Pain
With the many foot pain treatments available at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic in Denver, chances are that you’ll get the relief you need. Establish a relationship with a podiatrist who will understand your unique needs. Call (303) 355-1695 today to schedule a foot exam with Dr. Florin Costache or Dr. Lorry Melnick.

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