Kelly Clarkson ankle injury

Kelly Clarkson sprained her ankle before performing for vh1. Due to this injury, she is now in a walking boot. 

Here at The Cherry Creek Foot Clinic, we know that alot of people will try and "tuff it out". After a few months they may start to wonder why they are still experiencing pain and swelling. The answer is because they did not recieve treatment early on. 

When treating a sprained ankle, we must rule out fracture. Kelly's injury is a little more complicated due to a hairline fracture.

Without fracture, treatment will consist of wearing a walking boot to immobilize the ankle. After wearing the walking boot for about two weeks you can stop using the walking boot and start using a medical grade ankle brace like a Scotts ankle brace and slowly get back to normal activities.

With a fracture you will need to keep the ankle immobilized for six to eight weeks. During this time you will need to take it easy. causing to much stress can cause a stress fracture to become displaced, if this happens it will take more time to heal and can possibly require surgery.

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