Kristen Stewart injures her foot while shooting for new twilight movie


Kristen Stewart was injured while shooting a scene for the new twilight movie that comes out this month.


"We were doing some stuff for Breaking Dawn still... I keep thinking we're done... It was cool though. I wasn't trying to have ultimate swag though when I walked out," Stewart said. "I hurt my foot [during re-shoots]. I wasn't trying to get out of wearing heels though either. That wasn't the case."


When asked about what scenes, Stewart revealed that they were re-shooting scenes from her character Bella's "first hunt."


"We were doing just more of the hunt in the beginning. The first hunt. It's so important. I just wanted more of it. We all wanted more of it," Stewart explained. 


The injury was a puncture wound caused by her stepping on something. Not to be confused with a cut, a puncture wound is caused by something, usually  pointy being forcefully pushed through the skin. This kind of injury is fairly common, it can happen when you walk barefoot in places like the woods, like she was when shooting for her "first hunt" scene in the new movie. 


With puncture wounds it is very important to keep clean especially during the first 24 hours, and to check and make sure there is nothing left inside the wound. If something was left inside or she did not keep clean enough it would be very easy to get an infection.


Stewart also said that her on-screen daughter in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2," Mackenzie Foy is the "coolest actress" she's ever worked with.

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