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  • LA Lakers Guard Steve Blake injures his foot
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LA Lakers Guard Steve Blake injures his foot

Los Angeles Lakers Gaurd Steve Blake injured his foot on september 24th by stepping on a spike strip in a parking lot. The Lakers have put him on restrictions, keeping him from any exercise that is considered an "impact exercise". Most of us remember Steve from when he was the guard for the Denver Nuggets in the 2006-2007 season. Because he injured his foot on a metal spike, he should make sure that his tetanus shot is current. The main thing with a wound like this is to keep it clean. For the first three to four days he will want a bandage with neosporin + cream. After that he should watch for any signs of infection, red color, hot to the touch, or painful as this would need an antibiotic. these kind of wounds will typicaly heel pretty fast, and he should make a full recovery in about three weeks.

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