Treatment Options For Your Bunions

If you have noticed a bunion on your big toe, don’t ignore it. If not treated early enough, these boney protrusions can become extremely painful and lead to debilitating arthritis, even interfering with your ability to walk with ease. If you live in the Denver, CO, area, you can make an appointment with the Foot Associates at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic, where Dr. Florin Costache or Dr. Lorry A. Melnick can examine your bunion and determine the best treatment plan for you.

A bunion is a lump of bone that usually forms at the joint on the base of the big toe as a result of pressure. This aching protrusion develops when the joint gets pushed out of place, forcing the big toe to bend inward. In many cases, bunions are caused by footwear that is too narrow, but unhealthy gaits can also cause them. Sometimes you can even prevent a bunion from growing to a painful size by switching your footwear to wide and roomy shoes with flexible soles. Exercises to loosen your troubled toe’s inflamed joint also can help.

Non-surgical Treatments Can Ease Bunion Discomfort

However, if your bunion causes you a lot of continuous discomfort and pain, you can seek help at Denver’s award-winning podiatry office, Cherry Creek Foot Clinic. Here, our podiatrists can determine the best method to relieve pressure on the bunion and limit or slow the deformity at your joint. In many cases, conservative and/or non-surgical measures are all that are needed.

Here are some of the non-surgical treatments that help ease bunion discomfort:

  • Protective Padding: Felted pads protect bunions and prevent them from rubbing against your shoe or other toes.
  • Orthotics: Shoe inserts support the joint and can correct problems with how a patient walks or stands, which may be causing the bunion.
  • Splints: Bunion splints are worn at night to push the big toe back into place and properly align the joint. This option is usually recommended for adolescents whose bones are still growing.

Sometimes Surgery is the Only Option for Bunion Relief

However, sometimes a bunion continues to cause pain and deformation despite these early attempts at treating it. If none of the above non-surgical options succeeds, a surgery called bunionectomy can help. Your podiatrist will talk to you about whether your situation requires a simple surgery to remove the bone knot only if your situation is severe enough to require both removing the bunion and realigning the joint of your toe.

Bunions don’t have to cause you chronic pain or interfere with your ability to walk. To learn more about the best bunion treatment for you, call Cherry Creek Foot Clinic in Denver, CO, at 303-355-1695.

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