What Causes Bunions?

Have you ever wondered why you have bunions? Our Denver, CO, podiatrist, Dr. Lorry Melnick, shares a few common bunion causes.bunions

Tight shoes

Bunions occur when the bones at the base of your big toe move out of alignment. The condition is more likely to occur if you regularly wear tight shoes that put too much pressure on the bones in your feet. If you wear high heels, you've probably noticed that the exaggerated slope of the shoe increases pressure on the front part of your foot. The higher the heel, the more intense the pressure. Eventually, all that pressure may affect the alignment of your foot.


Arthritis in your foot can increase your risk of developing a bunion. Whether you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, you may be more likely to develop bunions.

Family history

Does anyone in your family have bunions? The condition can be inherited. Although avoiding tight shoes can help reduce your risk, you may still develop bunions no matter how well you treat your feet.

Conditions that affect the feet

Some conditions that affect your whole body can also increase your risk of bunions. For example, Marfan Syndrome, a condition that affects connective tissue, bones, and joints, may boost the likelihood of bunions.

Foot function abnormalities

If you have flat feet, your feet pronate (turn outward too much when you walk), or you have an unusually low arch, your bunion risk may increase.

Your job

Even if you avoid tight shoes and high heels, you can still develop bunions if your job requires you to spend long hours on your feet.

Uneven leg length

When one leg is longer than the other, your gait will be affected. Gait problems can cause bunions and other foot conditions.

Treatments that ease bunion pain

It's important to avoid shoes that press against the side of your foot. Apply a bunion pad to your foot before you put on shoes to improve comfort. When bunion pain makes walking difficult and interferes with your life, make an appointment with our Denver office. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may benefit from taping or night splints that hold your foot in the proper position, orthotics to support and align your feet when you wear shoes or even surgery.

Are you tired of living with bunions? Call our Denver, CO, podiatrist, Dr. Melnick, at (303) 355-1695 to schedule an appointment.

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