How To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Would you like to avoid ingrown toenails? Following these tips can lower your risk of developing a painful foot condition. If ingrown toenails are a frequent problem, your Denver, CO, podiatrists, Drs. Florin Costache and Lorry Melnick can offer helpful treatments at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Center.

Change the way you cut your nails

You may be more likely to experience ingrown toenails if you round the edges of your toenails when you cut them. Rounding the edges makes it easier for the nails to grow into the surrounding skin. Cutting your nails straight across is a much better option.

Don't wear tight shoes or socks

Tight shoes and socks increase pressure on your toenails, making it easier for the toenails to grow into the skin. Make sure your shoes and socks offer plenty of wiggle room.

Treat fungal infections promptly

Toenail fungus isn't just unattractive but may thicken your nails. Thicker nails are much more likely to become ingrown than thinner nails. Fortunately, your Denver foot doctors offer treatments that will kill the fungus and improve the condition of your toenails.

Change your shoes and socks often if you have sweaty feet

Sweating softens your skin and nails by keeping them constantly moist. When both the skin and the nails are soft, the nails can easily grow into the skin. If your feet are often sweaty, try these suggestions:

  • Wash and dry your feet, then put on a fresh pair of socks and shoes in the middle of the day
  • Rotate your shoes. Moisture never dries out if you wear the same shoes every day.
  • Use foot powder or spray to help keep your feet drier.

Perform regular home foot exams

Taking a good look at your feet several times a week can help you spot nail problems. You may be able to free the edge of an ingrown nail at home by soaking your foot in warm water, then using a small piece of cotton or dental floss to gently lift the trapped edge out of the nail. Don't try to free the nail yourself if you have diabetes.

If the toenail is firmly embedded in your skin, your toe hurts, or you notice redness, red streaks, pus, or warmth on the toe, contact your podiatrist. He can perform a minor procedure to remove the trapped nail bed and can prescribe antibiotics if your toe has become infected.

Are you concerned about ingrown toenails or another foot or ankle condition? Call your podiatrists in Denver, CO, Drs. Florin Costache and Lorry Melnick, at (303) 355-1695 to schedule your appointment with Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Center.

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