At-Home Treatment for Bunions

Although some bunions don’t present any symptoms, many become painful, swollen, and red. They could become so painful that walking or putting on a shoe could be difficult. Wearing footwear that fits incorrectly or has unsupportive heels could worsen a bunion.

A consultation with your podiatrist here at Foot Associates at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic in Denver, CO, Dr. Florin Costache, or Dr. Lorry Melnick, can help you ease your pain. Meanwhile, you can try managing your bunion symptoms and stop them from worsening with these practical tips.

  • Wear Proper Footwear. They shouldn’t be too small or tight and should have a wide toe base and heels that are no higher than an inch or two. Likewise, they must have great support for your arches.

  • Make Sure to Know Your Exact Measurements. Otherwise, always ask help from a salesperson to ensure that you buy proper-fitting shoes.

  • Utilize Shoe Inserts. This will help ensure that your feet are aligned properly and your arches are sufficiently supported. Also, ask your podiatrist in Denver, CO, for custom orthotics that can specifically minimize your bunion symptoms.

  • Stretch Those Toes. Whenever possible, remove your footwear and stretch your toes to decrease pressure on the toes.

  • Cushion Your Bunion. Use moleskin or bunion pads to avoid irritation from shoes and alleviate pressure on your bunion.

  • Wear Toe Spacers. These will further remove pressure on the toes when wearing shoes or sleeping at night.

  • Soak Those Feet. Use a solution of warm water and some Epsom salt to ease inflammation.

  • Rest Your Feet As Much As Possible. This is particularly true if you’ve been up on your feet the entire day.

  • Ice Your Bunion. Utilize ice packs to try and reduce inflammation and swelling.

  • Exercise Your Feet. Ask your podiatrist about exercises that will strengthen your feet muscles, as weak feet muscles are linked to increased walking issues and pain in individuals with bunions.

  • Put Up Your Feet. You can do this when sitting down or when sleeping to minimize pain and swelling.

  • Take OTC NSAIDs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen for alleviating pain and inflammation.

  • Massage Your Feet. Make sure to focus on the portion around your big toe to keep it flexible and soft. Likewise, an easy way to massage your feet is to roll a tennis ball under them.

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