Treatment Options for Achilles Tendonitis

How your podiatrists in Denver, CO, can with heel pain and Achilles tendonitis

Do you suffer from heel pain that doesn’t go away? If so, you could have a painful condition known as Achilles tendonitis. Fortunately, your podiatrist is an expert in foot and ankle conditions.

Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic in Denver, CO, offer a wide range of podiatry services, including treatment for heel pain and Achilles Tendonitis.

Achilles tendonitis happens when your Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. The Achilles tendon runs from your lower calf to your heel. When the tendon becomes inflamed, heel pain is often the result. This heel pain can become severe. Chronic heel pain from Achilles tendonitis can make it difficult to walk, stand, and remain active.

Developing Achilles tendonitis is easier than you think, especially if you play sports. The Achilles tendon can become inflamed from overuse, wearing the wrong footwear, and other causes.

If you have heel pain and think you might have Achilles tendonitis, you can try a few simple remedies at home, including:

  • Doing simple calf stretches, especially before activities
  • Applying ice to your Achilles tendon and heel several times each day
  • Resting and elevate your foot to take the stress off your heel

You should also:

  • Try to substitute low impact activities whenever you can
  • Try to stay on even, dry surfaces if possible
  • Wear supportive, cushioned footwear that is appropriate for what you are doing

If your heel pain continues, it’s time to seek out the services of your podiatrist. Achilles tendonitis can be treated with:

  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medications
  • Cortisone injections into the tendon
  • Physical therapy and ultrasound treatment
  • Assistive devices such as walking casts or boots
  • Repairing the tendon surgically

To learn more about the symptoms and treatment of heel pain and Achilles tendonitis, call Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic in Denver, CO. You can reach them in the office by calling (201) 613-2957, so call now!

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