Foot Pain While Running

If you experience foot pain while running in Denver, CO, Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at the Cherry Creek Foot Clinic can help you achieve relief.

Common Causes of Foot Pain in Runners

Runners put their feet through a lot of work, so it’s unsurprising that they often experience pain in their feet and ankles. The following are some of the most common causes of foot pain among runners in Denver, CO.

Stress Fractures

Runners often end up with stress fractures in the feet. Overworking or overtraining can cause slight fractures in the foot’s bones, which will typically heal with some rest. However, these fractures often go unnoticed, so runners do not give them time to heal. Unfortunately, this can lead to full breaks and a great deal of downtime.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is known as an overuse injury in runners. The plantar fascia is the band that runs from the toes to the heel spur. When it is overworked – especially when running on hard surfaces – the band can become inflamed. This is known as plantar fasciitis. It is an uncomfortable condition that can lead to other issues, including heel spurs.


The foot has five metatarsal bones in them, which connect the ankles and the toes. When running, a great deal of pressure is put on these bones, which can lead to painful inflammation and swelling in the ball of the foot. This is known as metatarsalgia. It is most often characterized by stabbing and burning pain.

Intermetatarsal Neuroma

There is a nerve in the foot beneath the ligament that connects the metatarsals to the front of the foot. When this ligament thickens, it can cause sharp and burning pain, often as though there is a rock in your shoe. It might also cause numbness and make running difficult.


Running can lead to extensor tendonitis, which is often on the top of the foot. Often, it’s due to keeping your running shoe laces tied tightly or from repetitive motion. It can cause swelling, bumps on the foot, pain, and inflammation.

Treatment for Foot Pain While Running

There are several methods of treatment available according to your specific symptoms and the root cause. This might include changing your running shoes, utilizing custom orthotics, physical therapy to correct your running mechanics, or choosing a new running surface. Dr. Costache and Dr. Melnick can help determine the best treatment options after a thorough examination.

Foot pain in Denver, CO doesn’t have to stop your run. Make an appointment with Dr. Costache or Dr. Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot Clinic by calling (201) 613-2957 today.

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