How Do You Fix An Ingrown Toenail?

Dealing with an ingrown toenail is never fun. Ingrown toenails can be painful and irritating and can cause infections to spread. You might find that you aren’t able to feel comfortable walking around because of the pain you feel from your shoes touching your ingrown nail. Instead of suffering from the pain and possibly developing future complications, it’s important to address the issue head-on. Dr. Florin Costache and Dr. Lorry Melnick at Cherry Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic in Denver, CO, can explain how you can fix ingrown toenails.

Treating Your Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails usually tend to happen if the nail is cut crooked or too short. This can affect how the nail grows and you’ll find that it tends to grow into the soft, flesh parts of your toe. This can be painful and turn red and irritated. There are ways that our podiatrists in Denver, CO, can help treat ingrown toenails.

One of the first things that you can try when your nail is slightly ingrown is to lift the nail and separate it from the skin on the side of your toe. You can gently lift the nail and place dental floss underneath it. This will help separate the nail from the skin and usually helps the nail start growing regularly. To deal with pain, you can also soak your foot in an Epsom salt bath each day.

If your toenail is severely ingrown, you may need help from our podiatrist. They will examine the toenail and determine if part of the nail needs to be removed. Often, they will remove part of or the entire nail to give your foot a new start to grow a nail properly without causing pain.

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