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Posts for: August, 2012

Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) injured his ankle on 8-16-12 while filming a stunt for the upcoming film Iron Man 3. Ankle injuries are most commonly caused when a person steps on an uneven surface and their foot is  forced inward through the subtalar joint and outward through the ankle joint. When this happens the ligament is severely stretched and some of the fibers might have torn. Luckily the ankle should still have it's stability. As a result of injuring your ankle you will experience, pain, localized tenderness, and some swelling. You will want to have an x-ray done to make sure that this is in fact a simple sprain and not a undisplaced fracture. When treating a ankle sprain we will try to immobilize the ankle by using a medical grade ankle brace or a walking boot for four to six weeks. In the case of Robert Downey Jr, having this injury will most likely stop production of the upcoming movie for around five weeks. If Iron Man wears his walking boot or ankle brace and takes it easy he can expect a full recovery very soon.

        What causes a bunion? Bunions have been thought to be caused by poor fitting shoes. This is one of the reasons you can get them, but heredity plays an even bigger part. In fact if you do a detailed family history you can predict not only the type of bunion but what side it may come on. I am not saying that heredity is the only factor because if it were, then why is there a female to male ratio of 40-1? Shoes must be to blame, at least to a little degree. In fact in early Egypt bunions were related to your social class, poor people had to walk around barefoot and had less bunion problems than the high class who wore shoes more often. Since then there has been findings of people in Africa that have been barefoot their whole lives and still have bunion issues.

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