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March 29, 2013
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     A Child's feet are different from an adults feet, because they are still developing and are not yet in full maturation form. In fact a child’s foot is not fully developed until 16 to 18 years old. In general, children are more active and use their feet more than adults do, because of this children can suffer from different conditions than adults do.

     In order to keep your child’s feet healthy, it’s recommended that a child be evaluated by a podiatrist while still in infancy to rule out any congenital conditions, such as club foot. After that initial visit your child should be re-evaluated again between the age of 1 and 2 to identify any developmental issues with their ability to walk properly.

     Foot pain is never normal in your child. Listen for the following complaints, which indicate your child is having trouble with their feet.

     Pain in the foot, knee, or lower back.
Your child is complaining about being tired while walking.
Your child does not like to play in sports due to pain in the feet.

     If your child has had any of these complaints, he or she needs to be evaluated by a podiatrist.

     Conditions Seen in Children’s Feet:

     Flat Feet:
Flat Feet can cause pain in the legs and feet of children. This condition is caused by a lack of tissue support in the ankle. Determining if your child has flat feet, requires a thorough analysis of thier walking posture.

     Intoeing or pigeon-toeing:
Intoeing occurs when a child’s gait includes an inward appearance of the toes. Some children will grow out of this condition, but for others, treatment is required.

     Toe Walking:
Toe walking is a condition seen in many children. It is caused by a tight Achilles tendon which will cause pain and discomfort when walking on the heel. Treating this condition conservatively is our main objective but in some cases surgery is required.

     Ingrown Toenails:
This condition is common in children, and seen often in our office. Ingrown toenails are when the side of one of the toenails grows into the soft flesh of the toe. You can help to prevent an ingrown by cutting the toenails straight across and not cutting into the corners and wearing appropriately sized shoes.

     Symptoms include:

Redness to the side of the nail
Difficulty wearing shoes

     Treatment includes:

Antibiotics, soap, and removal of the offending nail under local anesthesia.

Warts are also common in children.  Warts are skin growths, which are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can be prevented by not walking barefoot in public places, especially around the pool, which is the most common place children catch the condition.

     Symptoms include:

Scaling on the bottom of the foot – this is painful and feels like a needle shooting through the area.

     Contact us If your child is suffering from any of these painful issues.

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     Ty Lawson did play in last nights game against the Spurs, however he did not play as well as expected. Lawson said it felt like he "couldn't move" during his 20 minutes of play time. "I had no lift on my shot, jumping off one foot" Lawson said. It was not hard to tell that Lawson was struggling from his injury, making only one of seven shots for two points two steals and only three assists during his play time. It is no surprise that Ty Lawson said he "probably" wont play in tomorrow nights game against the Net's. " I probably need to take a couple of days off to let it heel all the way" he said. Luckily for him the Nuggets wont play again after Friday until next Wednesday. In the meantime Andre Miller will start for the nuggets in Lawson's place. Miller has been doing great this season with one of the best shot percentages in the league.


Ty Lawson was listed as a hopeful in last nights game. Head Coach George Karl said that Lawson's heel still looked "tender" before last nights game in New Orleans. He is expected to receive treatment today in San Antonio. Lawson is tentatively aiming to return in the game against the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow. The Spurs are the best team in the west as of now and we will need Lawson at close to 100% for this game. A rep for the Nuggets has said " at this point we can only consider Lawson questionable". On the bright side of things the Denver Nuggets have Wilson Chandler back after he has missed the last few games with a shoulder injury.

 Ty Lawson has been absent in the last two Denver Nuggets games due to a bruised heel. A rep for the Nuggets said that "Lawson did participate in Sundays practice and is a hopeful for tonight's game against the New Orleans Hornets". This is a very important game for the Nuggets, as they are trying for their sixteenth straight win. Lawson has been a huge help for the nuggets with an average of 20.6 points per game since the all-star break


     As most of us Nuggets fans know, Ty Lawson has been a big part of the Nuggets above average performance this season. Lawson was out on Thursdays game due to a bruised heel. this was a big concern as they were going for their fourteenth straight win. Luckily the Nugget had Corey Brewer, who steped up and lead the way to a very exciting victory in the last few seconds over the 76ers.

     Lawson is not new to heel pain, he was out on the new years game against the Clippers with a sore achilles tendon. The two injuries could very likely be linked together, because you have your plantar fascia witch is a tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot and connects to the calcaneus or heel bone, you also have the achilles tendon that runs along your calf and also connects to the calcaneus. Injuries like this are very common in basketball. With all the running, jumping, and fast breaks its no wonder why this could happen. Lawson is hoping to play on Saturdays game against the Kings, as the Nuggets will be going for their fifteenth straight victory.

     When treating a heel injury like his there are a few different options. The one that we suggest, if he wants to play in Saturday's game, would be a combination of stretching exercises, a custom orthotic made using a gait scanner to relieve pressure and align the foot and ankle, possibly a steroid injection, and therapeutic ultrasound. At the very least they will need to tape and pad his foot before the game to relieve some of the pressure. There are some other treatment options, but with him trying to ready for the next game we feel that this would be the best option for him.

     Remember to check back often as we will be updating our blog as more information is available.